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Cowboy Romance At Amazing Graze: Heidi and Hayden

I was privileged enough to attend and capture this amazing country wedding! Heidi and Hayden are a beautiful couple who opted for a rustic-chic celebration and had the extraordinary Amazing Graze Barn as their venue.

I loved learning all about their magical love story that began. When it comes to their country wedding, there were a lot of special details incorporated such as the boots, the hats, the in-betweens and so much more. The theme of the country wedding was of course rustic with a dash of elegance in neutral and white, paired with greenery, rust, and gold accents. They chose relaxed jean pants for the groom and the groomsmen, giving them a laid-back vibe.

One of their favorite moments was the first touch because it was intimate and passionate. Also their sweet hand written letters to one another! In case you feel inspired by this amazing country wedding, check out more of my posts. Also, let me know if you wish us to play a role in making your outdoor wedding luxurious dream come true!

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