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Meet Samantha -


behind the camera

My name is Samantha Boyette and I am from Clayton, North Carolina. I am an adventure-seeking, coffee-loving, North Carolina girl who simply loves to capture life how I see it - blissful. I have my Bachelor's degree in Communications and Journalism from East Carolina University and I also have a Master's in Visual Design Communications from Liberty University. 

A lot of people who know me know I stay busy, but the thing is - I love being busy. I have always kept my hand in more than one project, more than one organization, and so on! I have a full-time job managing social media at a local hospital, and I also coach a high school color guard team. In what free time I do have left, I spend my days DIY'ing, drinking coffee, eating good food, and being a dog mom to my 70-pound mutt - Jack! 

My heart skips a beat for sentimental details, first dances, & portraits of life's precious moments! I love capturing all the laughs, tears, and kisses as they naturally happen so when you look back you can remember how you felt at that exact moment! 


I started this journey when I was fourteen years old. I played with my mom's rinky-dink Nikon laying around our house which turned into me ~begging~ for the brand-new Canon Rebel T3i. I got it on my fifteenth birthday and I was obsessed from then. From high school television class to getting my master's degree in digital design - design is in my blood. 

When I am behind the camera my goal is simple - to get to know you on a personal level and show that through my work. I value the legacy that a singular portrait can carry, and I want your portraits to be family heirlooms years from now.


I can say with confidence that the best part of my job is meeting amazing people, getting to document an exciting new chapter, and walking away with new friends. 

In order to capture the most beautiful and at ease version of yourself during your session, you need a photographer that makes you feel at ease! Whether it's with me or someone else, I urge you to make sure that whomever you pick to capture this momentous day that it is someone that you feel 100% comfortable with.

I would love to meet up with you to chat and get to know you. I am a coffee junkie, so tell me your favorite coffee shop and I'll be there!

xo Samantha


based in Raleigh, NC

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