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A Coronavirus Graduation: Polly

My heart sinks for all of the graduates who have had to endure what they have this year. I am a coach for a high school colorguard team, and luckily we did not have any seniors this year. But Lord, if we had a senior and were unable to see them walk that stage - I know I would be upset! That is why I ran a 50% odd deal for any and all graduates who reached out to me about getting memorable cap and gown photos done, because they deserve those life moments more than I deserve a paycheck!

I was so excited when Polly reached out to me about getting graduate photos done at NC State. It was a perfect Memorial Weekend and that Saturday was THE best day to do it! The greens, reds, and whites pop out so well together and quite honestly I am obsessed with the entire gallery. Congrats, Polly!

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