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Loving engagement shoot in Greenville, NC: Summer + Jacob

Updated: May 29, 2023

After messaging back and forth with this bride to be for over a year, we were able to finally meet up and capture some amazing engagement photos. Luckily, they loved me so much they asked me to be with them on their big day as well! All I can say is, June 2021 cannot come soon enough --

This couple has such a free spirited, loving, close-knit vibe that obviously screams for itself through each photo. I mean, I barely even had to do any work because they were just so awesome being in front of the camera!

We were very lucky for the weather that day as well! I mean, with three outfit changes and two locations in North Carolina - it could have been crazy since it's Southern October. You know, freezing rain one minute, scorching sun for 2 hours, massive gusts of wind and a tornado warning by 5pm - all within a day's time. But for us, we were blessed with clouds and the perfect temperature!

Cheers to beautiful people, and love my friends! Cannot wait to see you guys in Wilmington for the wedding!

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